Friday, March 16, 2012

To Change the World

To Change the World

It doesn’t take much talent to bring joy

It doesn’t take much joy to change hearts

It doesn’t take much effort to change someones day

It doesn’t take, but gives

to offer a smile

a hand

a kind word

to notice someone who needs a hug

It doesn’t take much to hear the birds song

the flower blooming

the children laughing.

It doesn’t take much to pet a dog

to offer a cup of tea

to listen to someone’s story
It doesn’t take much to change someone’s day

It only takes our willing hearts and awareness to respond

Look, see, hear, feel

It’s all we have to do in this moment,

and the next

and the next…..

Written by Karly


  1. Yes Karly I agree, it really doesn't take much to show another how much you see love, honor and deep appreciation in another's eyes is priceless. Beautiful words my dear that demonstrate the real gifts that we ALL can give no matter who we are. Sending you a BIG hug!

  2. Another simply stunning poem from your caring soul, your brilliant mind and artistic spirit! Thank you! Kandice (Marcell Warren's sis)