Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Vision: Spirit Dances Garden

A peaceful place at her home where Karly will love to spend time.
 A place for quiet contemplation.
 A place for community to gather.

Lil Linder of Linder’s Greenhouse www.linders.com has a team of Washington county 4-H horse youth who will be doing the prep and plantings under her guidance. Linder's will be providing the plantings at wholesale and there are many other ideas to make the patio a haven of beauty and peace.

We are hoping to raise enough money to build a pergola for the family. It would be a beautiful haven on hot days, a place for filtered sunshine and backdrop to hang amazing baskets of flowers.

To accomplish this we need to raise money. Even though Linder’s will be doing the plants at wholesale, we will still need money for soil, garden pots, a birdbath, a pergola, some beautiful wrought iron fencing, some finish grade work for the driveway next to the garden area and so on.
What you can do to help:
If you are able and want to help fund Spirit Dances Garden you can donate either thru paypal (the "donate" button on right side of the blog) or by sending a check:
Please make checks payable to:
SpiritDances Garden

mailed to:
SpiritDances Garden
c/o Sandy Ward
13109 Manning Trail N
Stillwater  MN  55082

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